For Parents & Teachers

Of all the famous mathematicians, Thelonius Monk was probably least well known as such, despite his ability to use figures and complex formulae to bring about the chemistry in the human mind which sets us apart from other Earth bound creatures. Our instruments go beyond the realm of our physical presence and our immediate surroundings. We have a reputation for construction in the most complex of media. We can all inspire and be inspired, and we can all be taught.


Pablo Picasso was right. He said that we forget how to stay artists when we grow up. At the SoundHouse we try to help children stay inspired and rich in imagination. It’s something that traditional education can sometimes leave on the back burner. Music can be deemed a fun activity, not a ‘real’ career choice. At SoundHouse, we like to have fun, but for those young people who find themselves drawn into the music world, we can help direct them with a more relevant process, without even a formalized classical or jazz education, to a potentially exciting and ever-changing music industry.