SoundHouse is a music educational vision. Designed not only to educate microcosmically but to facilitate the teaching of musical concepts through music technology. A particular focus of this vision is on music experimentation, composition, learning and recording, digital media, such as picture stories, music videos and digital mash-ups.

Programmes are collectively inclusive and because they’re for younger people… fun, providing an ideal stimulus for the creative mind. SoundHouse courses are aimed at children as young as 5 years all the way through high school, to university students and teachers who need professional development.

The essence of our teaching is not only in educating in the conventional sense of the word but enhancing the valuable capacity of music appreciation, through the use of electronic keyboards, computers, software applications and other digital instruments. Apart from these hands-on and theoretical developments, we also endeavour to brighten the sparks of their understanding and their interpretation of the role of music within the arts industries, such as dance, drama, theatre and film.

SoundHouse has served the young minds of ┬áthe Peninsula since 1998. We’re thrilled to have our connections embedded in the new Cape Town Science Centre. This is, of course, being a notably, buzzing hub for people of all ages…

SoundHouse is still affiliated to the University of Cape Town, the Western Cape Education Department and various music industries. How do we power this drive? We’re sponsored by the National Lotteries Distribution Board and Paul Bothner Music.

SoundHouse has grown into more than just a facility that explores possibilities. It’s a creative zone which fosters young people’s development in the world of music, including compositional conceptualization, sound design, and recording, using computer technology. All of this in a variety of fun-packed multimedia experiences… SoundHouse aims to innovate with the changes in technology around us, so that we’re able to expose young people to how it’s ‘Done’, ‘What’s Happening’ in the industry, and by adding value to curricular outcomes.

The SoundHouse concept was developed in Australia, by visionary music educators, at the Victorian Arts Centre, in Melbourne and the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. Observatory’s SoundHouse, established in 1998, was the first SoundHouse outside Australia. It’s been a leader and catalyst in the initialization and development of other music technology education venues. We’ve helped establish exciting programmes in Durban and Johannesburg too.

Australia has an established network of Soundhouses, of which Observatory’s SoundHouse is an official member. There are currently SoundHouses in six countries. If your school or institution is interested in becoming part of the official SoundHouse network, please contact us.

Hope to see you at our creative hub soon!