Q: What is the email address (non ‘contact form’)  and phone number?

email: info@soundhouse.co.za

telephone: 021 4470018 / 021 7994943 / 021 7994951 / 021 7994900


Q: How do I get started?

A: Fill in the contact form on this site or give us a call.


Q: What is the typical age group that SoundHouse caters to? 

A: Anyone from an age comfortable enough to understand the language used in scholarly learning. From Grade 1 up to University.


Q: What is the language format for the lessons?

A: The lessons are usually given in English. Owing to the nature of the music software’s language orientation and the fact that it’s an official language, it’s considered to be the most convenient format.


Q: How do I stay up to date with developments, events etc. at SoundHouse?

A: Join our Newsletter by clicking the “Subscribe” link and fill out the form.


Q: Do students need to be very computer literate to navigate the courses that you offer?

A: If they can use a mouse and computer keyboard and if they’re comfortable enough for most learning environments, they should be fine.


Q: How long are the classes usually?

A: They vary in time from about 20 minutes to a few hours and from about 1 single day session, to a few days, perhaps a week long. It’s best to check our online posts and newsletters about these issues because they vary from course to course.


Q: Who is the educator?

A: Cherie Barnado is a graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music. Her courses included Composition and Music Technology. Composition was Ms. Barnado’s major course at UCT. Cherie’s been playing piano for more than a decade.


Q: What kind of facilities are present?

A: We have Top Class facilities! Courtesy of Paul Bothner Music: 15 fully equipped computer workstations, each with a MIDI keyboard controller and music software. There’s also a mini PA system, a Roland electronic drum kit, a guitar, a bass and amps for these.

Per computer workstation, we’re now running Dual Platform Mac and Windows sessions with Roland keyboard controllers and audio interfaces, Akai drum pads, as well as a microphone.


  • Apple Mac – GarageBand
  • Cubase


Q: Where do I find you?

A: Inside the new Cape Town Science Centre
370B Main rd
Cape Town


Q: Do SoundHouse students and parents have to pay to get into the Science Centre, if they’d like to visit it?

A: Yes. The operating hours and fees for the Science Centre are listed below:

Opening times: Monday – Sunday: 9 am – 4:30 pm

Entrance fees:
Youth (3 – 18): R 38 pp
Adults: R 38 pp
Students: R 38 pp
Pensioners: R 15 pp
Groups (10 or more and must book in advance): R 33 pp
Family Package (4 people): R 132

Annual membership fees:
Unlimited entry to the Centre for a year
Single: R230
Double: R410
Triple: R550
Quad: R610

Website:  Cape Town Science Centre | Observatory Things To Do For Kids

Q: Where do I park?

A: There’s free parking for Science Centre visitors, which SoundHouse operates in.


Q: Are there facilities for eating?

A: Inside the Science Centre is a place called SciCafe Food Quarters…


Q: Where does SoundHouse get their gear from? 

A: Instruments have been sponsored by Paul Bothner Music.