Music Technology Course Overview

Music Technology Course Overview

Basics for kids

We teach kids the basics of using music software using programmes like Cubase and Apple Mac’s GarageBand, highly user-friendly applications, especially suitable for novices. At the birthday parties we usually teach the GarageBand course because it’s simpler and lends itself to having more of a ‘fun’ time. Once they’ve completed the track, they can download the file to their flash drive or have it emailed to them. Please make sure that they bring a flash drive, if that’s better for them.

Creating Music in the Genre They Like

What makes this course very useful, is that we teach children how to create their own music, in their own genre or style of choice. Each child will create, at least one song or piece, within their time at SoundHouse. They’ll be using one of the most convenient formats available, which doesn’t require any musical background, of a technical nature… loop editing.

Loops are short segments of music which can be played repeatedly, or joined together with other parts, to create music. Each set of loops represent a particular portion of the song, as in the chorus or verse. These loops are available for many software applications. Fortunately, you can convert them to multi-platform file formats, so the wave files saved can be opened by other programmes and vice versa.

They’ll be layering these loops in a way that our Educator, Cherie Barnardo, will make very easy. But, with her experience in the field of composition, they’ll be learning how to make songs much better. We’ll also be looking at how to edit their songs, with the same techniques used in professional music studios.

The children may also add their own musical ideas, by recording their own vocals over the track (simple speech, rapping or singing), or by playing a usb MIDI controller keyboard. Each workstation has one of these designated keyboards and a microphone. 

Each child will receive conventional class teaching plus individual attention. Tracks will be worked on separately, as each song is different and will require different inputs, effects and adjustments.