SoundHouse Thelonius Monk

What our visitors say...

“I was lucky enough to experience the Soundhouse as a UCT music student. Subsequently, I found it to be a most useful tool when I found myself faced with the young minds of Rhodes High School students. The Soundhouse offers the learners a valuable opportunity to experiment with something they would not otherwise have the priviledge of doing. Even now, in 2012, their eyes light up when I speak about this seemingly impossible place, just down the road, and they had never even HEARD of The Soundhouse yet, let alone even SEEN it!”

– Stephen Arendse: Music Teacher, Rhodes High School

When I remember the SoundHouse the words that come to mind are Accessible, Exciting, Invigorating. “Accessible” to all levels and ages.  It is somewhere that anyone can gain a sense of achievement irrespective of language spoken, personal experiences, level of education,  or physical abilities. “Exciting” in that you can create something out of going in there knowing nothing about music, and come out with a musical creation that you have made.   We all have creativity within us, it just needs to be unlocked. “Invigorating”  in that visitors of any age walk out feeling a sense of achievement, a sense of pride, and perhaps a sense of  ”this is something I can pursue further”. I would say the SoundHouse is empowering!

– Diane Stafford Regional Director: Canada Development & Alumni Department, University of Cape Town

We were always excited to have Soundhouse, being an innovative and creative educational organisation, as a partner in our new premises of the Cape Town Science Centre. There just seems to be endless opportunities of creating exciting programmes together. Now that we are open, it appears the public feel the very same way and express delight that Soundhouse will be making their new home here!

– Julie Cleverdon: CEO CTSC

Soundhouse is a dynamic environment for young minds to engage technology through music. It has thus far provided an invaluable resource and its inclusion in the Cape Town Science Centre further embraces the importance of creativity in the context of an enquiring mind.

– Dr. Andrew Lilley: Associate Professor, UCT College of Music

In the age of technology where the young will teach the elderly, the Sound House is a playground where the young can develop artistic projects with their curiosity intact.

– Ncebakazi Mnukwana: Music Educator

Congratulations on your new home in the Cape Town Science Centre, I hope you will continue to inspire a whole new generation of children to embark on the wonderful journey of musical discovery.

– Paul Martin: Marketing & Accounts Manager, Tuerk Music Technologies, Johannesburg